Industrial Lithium Battery High-Power Intelligent Charger 1800W

Item No.: UV-GN-18
1800W high-power high-frequency lithium battery charger UV-GN-18 can accurately charge all kinds of lithium batteries, with multiple protection functions such as anti-reverse connection and zero-volt voltage start, with the characteristics of efficient, a
High-Power Lithium Battery Charger - 1800W 


Technical Characteristics:

♦ Adopt computer case design, sturdy and durable, reasonable structure, and excellent heat dissipation; 
♦ Double-loop cascade PID control the charging current and voltage, and the charging curve control is flexible and precise.
♦ High-performance circuit with all-digital switching power supply design, the stability and consistency of the product is excellent.
♦ Complete protection function: Over Voltage Protection, Thermal Protection, Current Limiting Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Protection
♦ Zero voltage start, pre-charge, full shutdown, abnormal status automatic recovery and other functions
♦ Led indicator lights display working status and fault status in real time.
♦ The high-efficiency heat dissipation system ensures the stable operation of the equipment within a reasonable temperature range. 
♦ Communication Interface: Can, RS485, UART or other interface at optional.

Model No.:UV-GN-18
Rated Volt Input Volt
CC Lead Acid Ternary Polymer Li-ion LiFePo4
CV CV Strings CV Strings
12V 185-265V
60A 14.70V 12.60V 3S 14.60V 4S
16.80V 4S 18.25V 5S
24V 50A 29.40V 25.20V 6S 29.20V 8S
29.40V 7S 32.85V 9S
36V 35A 44.10V 42.00V 10S 40.15V 11S
46.20V 11S 43.80V 12S
48V 30A 58.80V 54.60V 13S 54.75V 15S
58.80V 14S 58.40V 16S
60V 25A 73.50V 67.20V 16S 69.35V 19S
71.40V 17S 73.00V 20S
72V 20A 88.20V 84.00V 20S 83.95V 23S
88.20V 21S 87.60V 24S

Mechanical characteristic:
Shell material: Iron
Dimension: L*W*H= 320×290×90mm 
Input socket: meets IEC standard
AC wires: 1.2m length
DC wires: 1.2m length   
Net Weight: 4.5Kg

Reliability requirements:

MTBF (standard, environmental temperature, load requirement) ≥20K hours.


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