Lithium Battery High Frequency Intelligent Charger 1100W

Item No.: UVC11
1100W high-frequency lithium battery charger UVC11 can accurately charge all kinds of lithium batteries, with multiple protection functions such as anti-reverse connection and zero-volt voltage start, with the characteristics of efficient & accurate charg
High Frequency Intelligent Lithium Battery Charger - 1100W


Technical Characteristics:

♦ Adopt computer case design, sturdy and durable, reasonable structure, and excellent heat dissipation; 
♦ Double-loop cascade PID control the charging current and voltage, and the charging curve control is flexible and precise.
♦ High-performance circuit with all-digital switching power supply design, the stability and consistency of the product is excellent.
♦ Complete protection function: Over Voltage Protection, Thermal Protection, Current Limiting Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Reverse Protection
♦ Zero voltage start, pre-charge, full shutdown, abnormal status automatic recovery and other functions
♦ Led indicator lights display working status and fault status in real-time.

♦ The high-efficiency heat dissipation system ensures the stable operation of the equipment within a reasonable temperature range. 
♦ Communication Interface: Can, RS485, UART or other interface at optional.


Mechanical characteristic:

Shell material: Aluminum
Dimension: L*W*H= 283mm×120mm×81mm  
Input socket: meets IEC standard
AC wires length: 1.2m 
DC wires length: 1.2m   
Net Weight: 3.0 Kgs

Reliability Standard:

MTBF (standard, environmental temperature, load requirement) ≥20K hours.

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